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We have a large successful experience making business opportunities happen for many companyies, regions and airport territories.

We offer a breadth of aviation-related knowledge and air transport skills including route development, airport marketing, territorial planning, cargo development, air transport training, commercial strategy, and business intelligence solutions.

GPA is a long established air transport consultancy firm for institutions, airlines, airports and other relevant agents. The founding of GPA was the belief that airports and the operating airlines are a key business driver for any economy in the world, well beyond the direct impact of the infrastructure herself. This know-how about the interrelation of the economics and strategic aspects of the air transport and air industry sectors is the spirit of the company.





GPA company overview


Gestió i Promoció Aeroportuària (GPA) was founded in 1999. The company has the Chambers of Commerce of Barcelona as shareholder. The Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona has interests in various companies such as Fira de Barcelona, Barcelona Tourism Board among others. The main reason behind the creation of GPA was the belief that airports are a key business driver for any economy in the world, well beyond the direct impact of the infrastructure herself. This know-how about the interrelation of the economics and strategic aspects of the air transport and air industry sectors is the base spirit of the company. GPA business activities are focused on strategic consultancy projects, marketing and promotional activities within the aviation sector, air transport (passenger and cargo) and airspace sector, including aeronautics and the support equipment industry. GPA’s mission is to promote an increase of activities within this field, seeking involvement in the management and development of airport infrastructures and providing services to the air transport industry.



Understand the environment and the needs of our clients, to be able to offer tailor made solutions for their challenges ahead within the airport and air transport industry

GPA understands that our company mission must be based on a holistic comprehension of the problems encountered by the client and we will offer first level solutions using tailored products that match his needs. GPA’s expertise makes that a successful approach..


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Diagnóstico de condiciones de competencia en el transporte aéreo de pasajeros en la región Centroamericana y propuesta de política pública de aplicación nacional derivada del diagnóstico. Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID/IDB).

Airport passenger tracking with mobile phone data.

COVID-19 mitigation plans for airport and public tourism administrations.

Catalonian strategic logistic plan project.

Air Imports 4.0 project.


Cool airport system project.

Airport 90M project. Future Vision of the Barcelona J.T. airport.

Pushing the creation of the Zagreb air route development committee.

Sevilla connectivity plan.


Btravel pro B2B event organizer manager.

Aena strategic plan revision for Barcelona city council.


We keep growing

Organization of World Routes 2017 in Barcelona.

Launch of Air Freight Solution, the Spanish air freight community System.

Benchmark analysis on Airport cities.

Study on current Spanish bilateral agreements.


Consulting on Air Transport

Consulting on air transport for the Barcelona City Council. Forecasting BCN 2035


Airport and Airlines Development

Training activities for the airport companies.

Coordination of IATA’s CEIV Pharma program in Barcelona.

Development of the BCL Dangerous Goods workgroup.


eFreight System

Pilot project for an eFreight System for Spain.


Air Cargo Community

Start of the Barcelona Air Cargo Community initiative with BCL. Ongoing since 2013.



Organization of the IATA Slots Conference in Barcelona.

Air Freight Analyzer ACC1O.

Launch of the Barcelona Air Cargo intelligence unit.


Air Freight Development

First study on air freight


New services

First forecast on Barcelona 2030 traffic.

Connectivity studies.

Launch of the Barcelona Air Traffic Intelligence Unit.

Start of Emergency response planning activities.


Galician Airport System

Consulting on the Galician Airport System and development of the BARDC 20102011 strategic plan (ongling activity since then).


Cooperation agreement

New cooperation agreement between the members of the BARDC. GPA’s key role in the BARDC is recognized by renewing the consulting and technical secretariat roles.

GPA consolidates its consultancy activity with 4 more studies on the Sabadell airport, the Spanish bilateral agreements, the Igualada-Òdena aerodrome and the links between Barcelona and Morocco.


Consultancy business area

GPA develops the consultancy business area. 3 studies for the Chamber of Commerce, the Euroregion Pyrenees-Mediterranean and the regional government of Barcelona in the fist year.



Creation of the Barcelona Air Route Development Committee (BARDC). GPA assumes the general secretariat of the BARDC.

Jaume Adrover


Laura Soria

Marketing & Promotion

Pol Pérez

Senior Consultant

Javier Enebral

Senior Consultant

Tamara Villarruel

Senior Consultant


Name Position IN GPA BUSINESS Position Company name
Miquel Martí i Escurell President President Moventia/GPA
Xavier Sunyer Deu Vicepresident CEO CEO
Albert Vilalta Board member Area Director Suez
Georgina Parés Board member CCO Webcargo
Mercè Martí Anglada Board meMber CEO & Founder Infinit Air SL
Oriol Guixà Board meMber CEO & Shareholder La Farga
Xavier Coronas Board Secretary General Secretary Cambra de comerç de Barcelona
Jaume Adrover CEO GPA


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